Enough already. The 12th man in football. The 7th man in hockey. The 10th man in baseball. STOP. We get it, you like your teams. You are good fans. You are loud at the games. You may even force a false start at some point. But you aren’t actually a player. You don’t matter all … Continue reading WE GET IT

Transgender Olympians

By: Ethan May Columbia, MO (October 21, 2014) – Our world commonly characterizes sports by gender. In high school students commonly refer to it as the ‘boys’ soccer team or the ‘girls’ basketball team. This difference is made even larger on international stages such as the Olympics. Besides, it’s only fair that men and women are … Continue reading Transgender Olympians


What IS a rivalry? Is a rivalry only created with a perfect mixture of history and close competition? Can a rivalry be born at any time with the right amount of animosity thrown into the mix? What comes to your mind when you think of rivalries? Yankees vs. Red Sox? Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady? … Continue reading Rivalry

All-Star Thoughts

ETHAN MAY Each year I am reminded that summer is already half over by two things: Fourth of July weekend and the arrival of Major League Baseball’s All-Star game. It’s that time of year once again as the press conference announcing the line-ups was this afternoon. As baseball fans know, the All-Star game’s starting line-up … Continue reading All-Star Thoughts